Investment Management

Our investment management principles are based on creating individually customized portfolios, taking a balanced approach, and selecting high quality investments. We build balanced portfolios tailored for each individual’s risk tolerance and financial situation. Specific needs including long-term investment growth, or particular investment considerations are all considered.

In many cases, clients arrive with existing positions that we integrate to create a balanced portfolio while also minimizing capital gains. How do you choose your investments or funding’s? Taking personalized Investment Advice can be vital, especially in the current economic environment, with high inflation and record low interest rates.

Of course, we are not talking about “get rich quick” type of investments, but conservative, steady, reasoned and logical advice.

Whether you are seeking to provide money for the Start Up of your business, expansion of existing ones or fund a viable project, it is important to make the right investment choices. As independent financial planning advisers, we have access to tens of thousands of investment funds which cover an enormous range of asset classes. Which funds are right for you, and in which combinations, will depend on many factors including your own attitude to risk, what your objectives are and when you are likely to need access to the money.

With our team-based approach, you’re never limited to just one opinion. We work as a team, so you can be confident that our investment strategies are rigorously tested, challenged and strengthened by a larger network of experts.

Our in-house investment committee develops portfolios and monitors the investments and securities within the portfolios. They evaluate macro-economic and market conditions to determine if and when specific changes are needed in our investors’ portfolios and Alzeerah Group Holding B.S.C investment philosophies.

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