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Financial Services

Intense regulation is a constant in financial services, no matter where you operate

But it doesn’t stop this from being a hugely diverse industry. As disruptive technologies challenge accepted wisdom and brave new funding models take shape, our combination of imaginative thinking and deep industry experience can provide the edge you need.



Our experience with commercial banks includes setting up new entrants in the high-street market, through lending transactions to complex cross-border restructuring.


We advise investment banks across the range of their operations, including employment, financial disputes, investigations, regulatory, transactional services, insolvency/restructuring, lending, technology, brands and marketing.


We support professional service providers to the sector, including regulated financial institutions such as major accountancy and audit practices, on areas such as IT and outsourcing transactions, financial disputes and litigation, restructuring and insolvency projects and employment matters.


Lending – Lending is by far our principal activity. We lend to clients of all sizes to support sustainable growth and job creation. Our support is often central to attracting other investors.

Project loans – We lend to individual projects for which total investment cost exceeds USD 25 Billion.

In certain cases we can also provide direct loans to Midcap companies with up to 3 000 employees where the loan volume requested is between EUR 7.5m and EUR 25m.

Fees: – In certain cases we may charge fees for project-appraisal, legal services, commitment, non-utilisation etc.


Most of our loans are in euros (EUR) but we can also lend in GBP, USD, JPY, SEK, DKK, CHF, PLN, CZK and HUF, as well as in few other currencies.

Multi-component loans – We also finance multi-component, multi annual investment programmes using a single “framework loan”. This funds a range of projects, usually by a national or local public sector body, most frequently regarding infrastructure, energy efficiency/renewables, transport and urban renovation.

Interest rates: – Interest rates can be fixed, floating, revisable or convertible (i.e. allowing for a change of interest rate formula during the lifetime of a loan at predetermined periods).

Repayment: – Loan repayment is normally on a semi-annual or annual basis. Grace periods for capital repayment may be granted for a project’s construction phase.


Stimulating equity & fund investment

We stimulate and catalyse private capital through investment in equity and funds. We work with new and established fund managers in traditional and innovative segments that are not yet mainstream.

Our value added

  • A seal of approval for the investment proposal

  •  Catalytic effect on fund raising

  •  Promoting best practice in governance

  •  An experienced investment team with private equity expertise

  •  Extensive industry knowledge through our economics and engineering specialists

  •  Early involvement

  •  Ability to move fast


Our Investor focuses on establishing a sustainable venture capital ecosystem in Europe, supporting innovation and entrepreneurship. The Investors works with venture capital funds (acting as intermediaries) that invest into innovative high-tech small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in their early and growth phases.


The Alzeerah Group Holding Company has a unique take on standard market product known as “venture debt”. The SI aims to fill the market gap that afflicts European companies of medium size, where the financing needed is between USD 7.5 Billion to USD 50 Billion.

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